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This is your chance to help makes changes for Pasco County Schools that benefit teachers and students, not charter schools or developers. Show Pasco that you care. Donate $5 today!

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Kassie has a BS in English Education from the University of South Florida. She taught English and Reading to 9th, 10th, and 11th, graders and Newspaper during her four years of teaching in a magnet program and in an alternative school. 

Kassie is also working toward her J.D. at Stetson University College of Law. She is in the Social Justice Advocacy concentration and is scheduled to graduate in May of 2019. 

Why She's Running

Kassie was in her 2nd year of teaching when she saw the limitations of her classroom. She didn’t just want to help the students in her classroom or her magnet program, and found roadblocks within the school system. She started going to law school at night with the goal of being able to help others. 

The more she’s become involved in Pasco County’s community, the more she’s seen the dire need for someone who cares about teachers and students on our school board. If you care about the future of Pasco County Schools, sign up for the email list below. 

Not registered to vote yet? If you live in Florida, you can register to vote here. If you’re registered to vote in Pasco, you can vote for Kassie on August 28, 2018.

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