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Navigating the School Application Process

While we were out canvassing in Holiday, a concerned parent said she just didn’t know how to enroll her son in middle school or which school she should choose. I promised her I would try to navigate the system for her.

The short version: There are registration requirements. The magnet school window (for 1 elementary school and 3 middle schools) is Dec 4-Jan 12. The School Choice window (which is extremely limited) is Feb 1-Mar 1. There appear to be no requirements to get into a magnet program, but there is priority treatment for certain students.

Here’s my understanding of how to apply:

Registration Requirements

This webpage lists registration requirements Your child can be reassigned if you give inaccurate information or if you fail to update. This page also lists all of the requirements based on your application status (new to Pasco public schools or entering Kindergarten/Previously enrolled in Pasco public or Florida public or Florida private schools/Homeless students).

Magnet Programs

Magnet Program options are available for elementary (ES) and middle school (MS) only. There is one elementary school option and three middle school options. The application period is December 4, 2017-January 12, 2018.

Sanders Memorial STEAM ES is a lottery based system where priority is only given to students who live very close to the school, have a sibling already accepted and attending, have a parent working at a feeder school, are zoned for an overcrowded school, or get preference under Florida law. All of that information was gathered from this page:

Bayonet Point STEM MS, Centennial STEM MS, and Pine View IB MS are middle school options. These also follow a lottery process and priority is given to students who attend a magnet theme that is offered at the next level of promotion (I’ll look into this), have an accepted and attending sibling, have a parent working for a feeder school, are zoned for an overcrowded school, or are given preference under Florida law. That information was gathered from this page:

School Choice

School Choice options (if you want your student to go to a school that is not their assigned school) is available through this webpage. School choice enrollment is from February 1-March 1, 2018. You cannot submit early. This leaves the magnet school options open before that time so parents can make a decision before submitting for school choice. School choice is limited by class size. Applications must be for a single student for a single school submitted electronically.

Frozen – No Longer Accepting Students – or Specific Grades Only

Here is the link for schools that cannot accept students (frozen capacity) and schools that can only accept for specific grades (frozen for class size).  

Here is a breakdown of that information: Schools that cannot be approved are:


Elementary: Anclote, Chasco, Connerton, Cox, Cypress, Double Branch, Dr Mary Giella, Hudson, Longleaf, New River, Oakstead, Odessa, Pine View, Sand Pine, Seven Oaks, Shady Hills, Taylor, Trinity, Veterans, Wesley Chapel, West Zephyrhills, Woodland

Middle: Gulf, Pasco, Pine View, Rushe, Seven Springs, Smith

High: Land O’Lakes, Mitchell, Pasco, River Ridge, Sunlake, Wesley Chapel, Wiregrass Ranch, Zephyrhills.

Schools that can only be approved for certain grades:


Elementary: Bexley, Calusa, Centennial, Cotee River, Denham Oaks, Fox Hollow, Gulf Highlands, Gulf Trace, Gulfside, Lacoochee, Lake Myrtle, Locke, Marlowe, Northwest, Pasco, Quail Hollow, Richey, San Antonio, Schrader, Seven Springs, Trinity Oaks, Wiregrass

Middle: Crews Lake, Cypress Creek, Long, River Ridge, Stewart, Weightman

High: Anclote, Cypress Creek, Fivay, Gulf, Hudson, Ridgewood.