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Enrollment at Wendell Krinn Technical High School

As of January 16th, the Wendell Krinn Technical High School had received about 560 applications, according to the Pasco County School Board. Their projected enrollment is 600 students.

As a teacher that worked in a magnet program, you will always receive more applications than you can take, because students may not qualify due to entrance requirements, students may not choose to go to the school after being accepted, and student numbers may have to be balanced due to different factors.

While Pasco County Schools needs a technical school, and hopefully many magnet schools in the future to give our students options with their education in the public education system, taking over an existing school creates more problems. Teachers will have to find new jobs as they are pushed out, because they may not have the necessary requirements to teach at a technical school or will be downsized in their departments because the school will start with a smaller pool of students. New teachers will have to develop curriculum as they will be teaching classes never taught before in Pasco public schools, and may not have had the time to create their curricula.

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