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To Charter or Not to Charter…

As a teacher, there were challenges I saw in how we educate our students. Our classes were too large, especially classes designed for students who struggle like Intensive Reading, our teachers were unable to collaborate, and our lessons were not cohesive.
At one point in my four years of teaching, I looked into the process for opening a charter school. It had been a dream of mine to open a school for students that I could run to focus on actual student needs. We wouldn’t be controlled by transportation or maximizing our teachers. We could make a school that would be a model for the country. I actually drew a picture of the school senior year and wanted to run it with a friend.

I realize now that this would have had the same issue that I always had while teaching. It just doesn’t do enough. Charter schools run by educators is an awesome concept, but it forgets an important detail. Why are these educators having to make charter schools in the first place? Our district and our school board needs to be open to the ideas of its educators about the issues directly impacting their students.

Charter schools run by corporations should be private schools – since they are essentially private businesses. Why are we taking money from public schools to give to these mock private schools? I’ll delve more into the HOPE bill later in the week to discuss more of how this harms our students.

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