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Let Me Teach

This post is incredibly late tonight because I got to spend my evening at an amazing Campaign Kick Off Fundraiser for Kelly Smith. While there, I spoke with a substitute teacher in Pasco. We talked about the attack on teachers.

When I first became a teacher, I remember the other teachers in my magnet program telling me that it only started to get easy during their third year. They told me it would take until my third year before I’d be really confident. By then I’d have enough lesson plans to make planning smoother, so I would be adding to my collection instead of building from scratch.

Then my third year came. We really delved into our new textbooks. We embraced our teacher evaluation system. We had more teacher accountability. And I was drowning. I turned to those teachers that told me this was when it would start to get easier. I heard from multiple teachers that this was their hardest year. 10 years, 15 years, and sometimes more, and all were saying this year was their hardest.

This video focuses on mandated testing, but the crush of creativity comes from everything that takes away teachers’ autonomy: standards and procedures that say that teachers went to college but came out without enough education. Let’s treat our teachers with respect and let them inspire our students.

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