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Accurate reporting requires more than one check.

In a recent article, it was mentioned that I filed a form of undue burden, but still spent money on my campaign. This article left out crucial facts for you to be informed.
(1) The article implies that this is a route to get out of paying petition fees, but the petition fees are still due. They are simply postponed until the end of the race.
(2) I publicly announced I would no longer be seeking petitions, but would pay the filing fee. This is not mentioned anywhere in the article, while other candidates who have said they will pay the fee were listed with that information.
(3) The purchases from my campaign that were mentioned were made after I decided to pay the fee. I could have revoked my undue burden form, but this seemed an unnecessary step if I wasn’t going to be handing in any more petitions.

As readers, we need our reporting to be framed responsibly by our journalists. Due diligence is paramount to responsible and accurate reporting, and could have been achieved by:
(1) A simple facebook search showing my video about the filing fee.
(2) Any kind of communication. My contact information is readily available. Had I been contacted in any format, I could have provided clarification on the matter.
(3) Appropriate use of communication. I spoke with the author briefly the night before this article while attending an event for teachers and students in the county.

The Tampa Bay Times is a primary source for information about our local politics in Pasco county. We need honest and accurate reporting to inform voters so they can make the best choices for our community when they enter the polls. When honesty and accuracy are no longer the standard, we all suffer and become disenfranchised.

I invite my constituents to reach out to me at any time to talk about my campaign, and thank those who have supported me on my odyssey of advocating for teachers and students through the school board.

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