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School Board Meeting Recap 06.05.18

We received over 460,000 in a rebate from JP Morgan Chase.

The Principal for Dayspring brought up the fact that they have been trying to get their contract approved since April 5, and must do so by the end of this month. If it isn’t approved by our school board by that time, it must go through a longer process from the state level.

USEP, our teachers’ union, has concerns about the evaluations process that happened this year and hopes to work those issues out for next year’s evaluations. They will also be working on Instructional and SRP negotiations as we deal with the lackluster budget from the state.

Online classes are required for graduation, but there are issues getting honors while taking online classes.

June 19th at 3:00pm, there will be a workshop for budget, magnet choice, and SSP.

Starkey K-8 is starting architectural work and plans to open August 2021.

Our school loan of 35 million dollars to build our new schools, will be at 2.8%.

Pinecrest is a charter school with their contract to be approved at the meeting today. Pinecrest’s contract stated they would be opening August 2018, but their representation today said they are using a one year deferment in opening so they will open in August 2019. The concern here is that the contract states year one enrollment at 652 and year two enrollment at over 900. Pinecrest will have the option, when it finally opens, to enroll at year 1 or 2 levels.

Our schools use Positive Coaching Alliance. We do not have the manpower to run it in-house, but the board seemed to approve of the program because of the drop in parent complaints.

The school board approved the budget item that says we can spend up to a certain amount. Member Luikart was concerned that these expenses, multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars, would be approved before we workshop the budget. The remaining board explained this was approval up to an amount, but not to the purchases themselves and those would be determine after workshopping.

Pine View Middle has become a middle year IB program!

Member Beaudoin hopes to find ways to fund teacher salaries at the workshop on the 19th.

Local companies are looking forward to students graduating from Wendell Krinn.

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