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As an advocate, my goal is to make sure everyone’s needs are met and voices heard. If there’s an issue you’ve experienced in Pasco County that you don’t see listed here, reach out. I can only be an advocate for problems I experience or research and complaints others have brought to me. Share your voice so  it can be heard. 


We must make sure our schools are accessible to everyone, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic status, or any other reason. 
Instead, our county has allowed our schools to appear like they’re declining so parents who have the means can run to charter schools. This uses our tax dollars to help schools that don’t support every student. 


We must allow students to attain a quality education regardless of which school in Pasco they attend and regardless of what their future goals are. College is not the only route to success, and we should be preparing our students for other options, like trade schools that will pay students as apprentices so that they learn on the job and dual enrollment classes that provide students with college classes that can be geared toward students’ choices. 
Rather than creating options that students around the county can have access to, we turned a school that many students loved into a technical school, have varied on what the qualifications are to enter it, and have moved all previous students who weren’t accepted to two other high schools. With our high schools becoming more and more crowded, we need solutions that provide options to students across the county that allow them to attain the education they want. 


We must show our school board is accountable for our schools and giving a quality education to all students in our county. This requires our members to be advocates for our teachers and our students, to showcase Pasco public schools as a place where our teachers can create a learning environment where our students can thrive. 
When a program was cut supposedly due to the lack of being able to get a teacher for the position, even though multiple teachers had been in the position in the past two years, students felt the need to fundraise the cost of hiring a teacher to maintain the program. We need to show that we are a good county for teachers to work in, not scare off new teachers.