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In counties across the state of Florida, the Class Size Amendment has been ignored. This amendment creates maximum student limits for classes from Pre-K – 12. This enables teachers to create engaging lesson plans and effectively grade the materials they use to assess their students, and it gives students the meaningful instruction and more individualized attention. 
The Class Size Amendment sets these limits for core classes:
– Pre-3: 18 students
– 4-8: 22 students
-9-12: 25 students

During my 3rd year as a teacher, I had an English 1 class of 28 9th graders. When I asked if these students would be moved to other classes after the 10-day count, I was told it wasn’t required because it was the second semester. This happens constantly, in addition to simply ignoring the amendment entirely and paying the fines or hiring a co-teacher. One instance shows a county that chose to appeal the fines, which also leads to additional costs for the school district that can be avoided by creating more jobs for teachers and more pre-planning to ensure the classes remain within the class size amendment.

My goal is to evaluate the class sizes of each school in the county, develop a plan to address these class size issues through teacher jobs and redistricting, and design this plan to make it effective for each year. 

Paid by Kassie Hutchinson, Nonpartisan, for Pasco County School Board, District 5
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